An imaginary garden where the branches of trees movie vibrantly and moss grows thickly. A sophisticated urban garden catching the night breeze. A rainforest where a giant tree lies decaying on the forest floor. An arid desert landscape where succulent plants thrive on sunrays.

This season a variety of imagined natural scenery set as gardens, frost vast tracts of land to small yards, we express them all in shapes and textiles. The image of a large old tree truynk is recreated in a cut jacquard weave, with thick cotton thread woven in, to give it a novel texture and three-dimensional look. This motif of vegeation growing in a fanciful garden is produced in a machine-stitched Arimatsu Shibori, which are applied one by one with a hand crank sewing machine and then resist-dyed. High-quality fabric is carefully stitched by hand, then dyed in a dusky navy that recalls moonlight falling on concrete, and white like that of a full moon.

Using techniques unique to HaaT, this collection gives life to the tales that grow from imaginary gardens.