Lucent is the classic and most identifiable style with isosceles triangular pieces. Pieces arranged in regular formation over a mesh fabric, present a different look each time the bag changes its shape, and as contents are placed inside. Bags come in different designs of a clutch, a tote, a cross body bag, and more. 

This style features smaller isosceles triangles than those used in the Lucent series, making the shape change even more dramatically when in use. A tote, a chain clutch, and more are available in this series. The chain-clutch can be used three ways: make the chain longer, and you’ll have a cross-body bag; double the chain, and it’s a one-shoulder bag; remove the chain, and use it as a clutch.

The Platinum series is made of a highly reflective mirror material for its triangle pieces. A tote and a clutch are available in this premium series. In addition to classic black, white and gunmetal, unique colors are released each new season.

The Crystal series is characterized by equilateral triangular pieces placed on soft fabric. This series features an elegant combination of leather used in the straps and handles, and also leather textured triangular pieces. The hand bag comes in two sizes, large or small, both featuring removable leather straps, and are large enough to hold A4-size documents.

With a long structured silhouette, this bag comes with a zipper top-closure and three inside pockets. The uniquely designed bottom piece, folds flat creating a square shape different than the Lucent & Prism flat tote bags. This bag can also be folded flat for enhanced functionality, and storage. A sporty, messenger-type style is also available.

The KURO series offers a distinct look within the BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKE collection, and a variety of unique designs to support an active lifestyle. The bags are shaped with micro-triangular pieces of both multi-layered resin and jersey fabric.

Within the BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKE collection there are special seasonal styles that will only exist for that season. These will be released throughout the year, and as limited edition designs they will only be available as supplies last. Shapes and materials can come in endless variations.